RESSH Conference 2019 · preliminary programme

Thursday, September, 19






Welcome and opening: Overview of current ENRESSH developments

Keynote: Professor Diana Hicks,

Coffee break


Session 1.1

> Special session · Careers and Research Evaluation Systems for societal impact (1)

> Chair · Paul Benneworth

Conceptualising and characterising the mechanisms for Grimpact.

Open research behaviour in management studies: an ideal honoured more in the breach than in the observance.

Steering effects of research evaluation on SSH early career researchers.


Session 1.2

> Research Cultures

How reporting requirements can shape research activities

Evaluation games as the resistance: Towards a framework for research evaluation studies

Towards Ethical Principles of Research Evaluation in SSH



Session 2.1

> Special session · Careers and Research Evaluation Systems for societal impact (2)

> Chair · Paul Benneworth

Professional factors affecting career and engagement success for Early Career Researchers

Early Career Researchers and Societal Impact: Motivations and Structural Barriers

Hurdles in the Research Impact Ecosystem: Power and Agency for Early Career Investigators


Session 2.2

> Diversity in publishing

Decolonising the social sciences and humanities through peer review

Innovating the peer review process: A publisher’s ethnography

Criteria for Peer Review of Manuscripts and Grant Proposals: a systematic literature review





Session 3.1

> Societal impact · Science and society

A cartography of philosophy’s engagement with society

Exploring Notions of Impact in the Humanities

Diversity in impact conceptualization and engagement: accounting for social, epistemic and local contexts within the social sciences and humanities

Evaluating academic research at the crossroads of academic and societal demands

How evaluation can contribute producing social impact in social science research

Session 3.2

> Academic publishing · internationalization & metrics

Internationalization of the social sciences in China 1978-2017

International visibility and impact of national journals. A comparative study of Spanish and Italian legal journals

Using Google Scholar and LexisNexis to compile citation profiles for South African journals in legal research: An exploratory study

Coverage of journal articles in social sciences and humanities in Web of Science and their distribution in citation indexes

Gender publication gap: a case study in Italian legal periodicals


Session 3.3

> Careers and early career researchers

Survival strategies of economists and political scientists in contemporary academia

Information ecosystems in early academic career building: how do researchers in the social sciences and humanities learn the tricks of the trade?

Early Career Investigators’ Views on Evaluation

Early Career Researchers’ experiences with impact encouragement and support: insights from across Europe

Any Publicity Good Publicity? The Effect of Satirical Bias on Twitter and the Altmetrics Attention Score


Friday, September, 20


Sessions 4.1

> Societal impact · Science and Society

SSH knowledge transfer activities included in the Technological and Social Development Projects (PDTS) of Argentina. Is changing researcher’s evaluation enough to improve knowledge transference?

Does knowledge transfer occur in action research?

Use me when you need me: firms’ co-creation output with universities and the economic cycle

An elephant in the room: the hidden economic value of the public engagement and knowledge exchange activities of university staff

Session 4.2

> Peer review

Dominant language of researchers across fields

Boosting Open Access books in Spanish &, contributing to the multilingualism in the Open Access space

Does impact have gender?  Gendered definitions and framings of impact in social sciences and humanities

Gender differences in journal publishing in the social sciences and humanities


Coffee break


Session 5.1

> Societal impact · Science and society

From interactions to conditions: Toward evaluating university impact strategies

Fiction lagging behind or non-fiction defending the indefensible? University-industry (et al.) interaction in science fiction

How can higher education institutions foster societal relevance for development?

The Sustainable Development Goals, Capabilities and the Societal Impact of the Humanities

Session 5.2

> National evaluation exercises

Impact Assessment of Research Evaluation: The Bulgarian Case

Assessing the international dimension in SSH research: Evidence from two Italy’s national research assessment exercises

National evaluation exercises as implementation of research policy.  A comparative study of Norway and Portugal

Impact in and of the Academic Humanities: Lessons We Might Learn from a History of Public Cultural Policy in England


13.45- 14.45h




Round table: Research Evaluation and the SSH: Is a common strategy possible?

ENRESSH COST Action evaluation. Future challenges

RESSH 2019. Concluding remarks

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